Announcing a Particle Integration

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Today we’re excited to announce that we have an integration with Particle!

We’re big fans (and users) of Particle’s IoT platform. Just like Keen IO replaces your analytics backend, or Stripe facilitates your billing, Particle does all the heavy lifting for your connected devices infrastructure.

Don’t you love how APIs are making it easier than ever to build all the things?Us too =)

So what does this integration mean to you?

Simply put, it allows developers to more easily and quickly send data from any Particle device to Keen IO. Once we have it, as always, you can run analysisand visualize the results via API or our Explorer.

We believe that analytics is an integral ‘part’ of every business and want to make sure that every builder has access to scalable and easy-to-implement tools. Collaborating with the fine people and products at Particle takes us one step closer to accomplishing just that.

Join us on Hackster and tell us what you build!

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