Alexandra Meyer


Delivering Embedded Analytics to Your Customers

More and more companies are making embedded analytics a core part of their product offering. Companies like Medium, Spotify, Slack, and Intercom are leveraging data


Keen Instant Analytics for Web

Keen IO Instant Analytics for Web Drop in this tracking snippet to effortlessly collect key web interactions like pageviews, clicks, and form submissions Want to quickly test out Keen?


2015: A Data Odyssey

Happy 2016! We wanted to start this year off by saying THANK YOU for being a Keen IO user and community member. We also wanted


How to scale your company culture.

Startup Summer Day Camp — an annual gathering of friends (old and new) in Golden Gate Park. In March of this year, Alexa wrote a post on the


How to Write a Round-Closing Pitch Deck

Last July, we hit a huge milestone when we closed $11.3 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia. This raise was preceded by a few seed


The Social Authoring Experiment

We are excited to be supporting Keen IO community members in AirPair’s social authoring experiment! What exactly does this mean? Well, have you ever tracked changes


How to Scale Your Company Culture

Your company culture is what you collectively believe and — in practice — what you collectively do. It shapes how people work together, how you deal with problems that