Posted by Justin Johnson
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Need a hand with Keen IO? AirPair can help!

We’re huge fans of pair coding here at Keen IO — if you’re tackling something new, or even if it’s something you’ve done a thousand times before, it’s always useful to have another set of eyes and an extra pair of hands there to help figure things out or think things through in new ways. That’s why […]

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Developer Evangelism… what does it mean?

Over the past three years, I’ve put a lot of thought into how to approach and engage developer communities around the world. I’ve experimented with running side projects, hosting hackathons and startup competitions, planning and attending meet-ups, contributing to open source projects, giving talks, sitting on panels, going to conventions, and handing out tons of […]

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Meet Justin, our developer evangelist

I’m very excited to be joining the team and be part of this awesome community. You will be seeing me at hackathons, tech events, on the streets, and on the slopes talking about data modeling, the importance of analyzing more than page views, and how providing your customers with deep analytics can benefit your business. […]