How Pebble Uses Keen IO for Analytics

The smartwatch is about to do for wearable technology what the smartphone did for mobile tech, and Pebble is the company that’s leading the charge.


Announcing KeenClient-Scala

The Keen IO SDK for Scala is now live! Now Scala developers can track and query user engagements, errors, server interactions or any customer event


Presenting The New Analytics at IBM Pulse

Pulse is IBM’s massive annual conference in Las Vegas and this year it’s all about Cloud. Like any conference there are announcements, demos, and Fall


Keen IO Featured on Planet Cassandra

The Apache Cassandra Database is an important part of our backend architecture at Keen IO. Cassandra supports high-throughput writes and low-latency reads, and is particularly


Why I love working at Keen IO

This blog post started as a discussion of our customer support policies, and how unique and cool they are. As I kept writing, though, I


What are users doing in your app?

My name is Rebecca and I’m a junior engineer here at Keen IO. I recently graduated from Hackbright Academy, a 10-week developer bootcamp for women.