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Keen (Un)Happy Hour Was A Success

You know what’s awesome? When people you respect tell you how great you are. You know what’s less than awesome? When people you respect shit all over you. We got a little bit of both last week. And, “shit all over you” is probably a bit of an overstatement, but hyperbole and blog posts are […]

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Pricing is hard. We need your help.

Morning all! Chief Fretting Officer Kirk here with another fret. How do we keep the lights on? A core value at Keen is radical transparency. You can find examples of this all over our blog (e.g. how did we fundraise and how did an early employee negotiate comp). However, all of my professional training up […]

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One man burns, another drives…

Morning all, I’m Kirk, Keen’s unofficial Chief Fretting Officer. Dan kindly referred to me as one of the most level-headed people he knows. In reality, I’m just the guy who wears a collared shirt to the office every day. While that’s typically not a really bold statement, we just recently had to remind one of […]