Posted by Maria Dumanis
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Rocking Customer Success from a Segway in Portland

There are many reasons why Customer Success is important to a healthy business — from growth to retention to referrals to product development — but I do it not for those reasons at all… I do it because I love it! I was in the middle of a Segway tour in Portland this past weekend and we stopped for […]

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How to Set Yourself Up for Predictive Analytics Success

Many companies are investing in predictive analytics models to better predict things like churn or fraud, or to identify better advertising and selling strategies. But before you can plug data into these models, you need to understand your current data. Peter and I gave a talk on this topic at H2O World in November, which was a good […]

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Knowing When It’s Time to Just Quit

Quitting my job was one of the best decisions of my life. I had wanted to leave my previous company for a long time, but I wasn’t confident I would be able to find something better. I didn’t understand what useful skills I had, and I didn’t know what kind of job I would be good […]