Ryan Spraetz


How are you Structuring your Startup?

Starting a company is overwhelmingly exciting. You are pouring every ounce of your being into a product you believe will make the world a better


Event Data Saves NYU Student Elections

It’s always fun to see new and creative ways people are using Keen IO. Morgante Pell, a student at NYU, created a voting app to handle


The Power of an Analytics API

AppGyver builds amazing products, and they’re a great example of using Keen IO APIs to power multiple parts of their business. For their flagship product, Prototyper,


Just Fucking Build It

Hey everyone, Ryan here. At Keen IO, we’ve recently released something we are very proud and excited about — Data Visualizations! We’ve known we were going to


How I Pitched My First Startup

Hi there, I’m Ryan. I’m the nerd that delivered Keen’s Demo Day pitch for TechStars and our winning presentation at Structure. Before TechStars, I’d never