Analytics Dashboards Update: 20 Free Boards and New Shareable Links

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We just released a couple feature enhancements to make sharing metrics and creating analytics dashboards even easier!

First, the limit on the number of dashboards you can create has increased to 20 unique dashboards per Keen project. Previously, this limit was set at just one dashboard per project.

Along with allowing multiple dashboards on your project page, we also prepare and generate unique URLs — now each dashboard will have their own unique URL. This means it’s easier than ever to share metrics with your teammates with direct links to dashboards that can be shared and bookmarked!

What are Keen Dashboards?

Previously, we released Keen Dashboards: a point-and-click UI for creating and hosting dashboards for your analytics. It allows your teammates to view live analytics when logged into your Keen account.

Keen Dashboards can be used to:

  • Quickly create custom dashboards with a point-and-click interface
  • Share sets of metrics and unified KPIs across every team, project, and department
  • Give anyone on your team the ability to edit and generate their own analyses — no code or knowledge of SQL required


Populate a dashboard full of metrics all via point-and-click (no code, no SQL needed) — Customer Success Team dashboard

As always we are eager for your feedback, let us know how we can continue to improve your user experience via 💌

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