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Hi, I’m Maggie, a Data Engineer at Keen IO. I presented this talk on “Data-Driven Product Design” at The Industry Product Conference back in September. It was a great event that brought together product leaders from around the world.

The talk provides a breakdown of the type of data and knowledge you can collect about your users, some sample analyses, and information on what makes a good metric.

To really drive those points home, I’ve included real-world examples of how companies have used data to drive product decisions and pointers on common pitfalls to avoid.

“Data-Driven Product Management” slides on Speaker Deck:

Additionally, here’s a link to audio and video that accompanies our slide deck!

Data-Driven Product

Hope this helps you understand user behavior and develop an approach for your product to stand out! Feel free to reach out to me with questions on twitter @jandwiches or ping us on our community Slack!

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