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AngelList is like LinkedIn for startups and investors. It’s a great tool for enhancing your network of founders, investors, and companies your admire.

AngelList brings social leverage to your startup marketing and investment efforts. At the heart of that is AngelList’s share feature which allows your proponents to suggest your company to their AngelList network.

Recently some of our friends promoted their startup using AngelList and when they asked their investors to “share” their company listing they got a few responses back to the effect of “how to share??”.

Turns out AngelList replaced the big SHARE button with a more elegant, but harder to find share functionality. It’s right here!!


Clicking share will pop a modal with the option to share within AngelList or with other social networks too.


We’re huge fans of AngelList. Last year Dan wrote about the instrumental role the site played in raising our seed round. We were able to connect with investors we never would have met otherwise — like the fine folks at Galvanize — all because of the network effects built into the platform.

If you’re in a startup you should be on AngelList representing your own company and also connecting with companies you admire. Follow and share them with your friends & investors. It’s a nice gesture and it will keep you in the loop on major events with their company. Follow Keen IO to keep tabs on us!

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