How we used Twitter ads to generate word-of-mouth hype

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Kyle Wild is the co-founder & CEO of Keen IO. You should follow him on Twitter here.

It started last month at the Global Accelerator Network’s Founder Conference in Boston, where the always original Saul Colt gave a hilarious and irreverent talk about word-of-mouth marketing. True to form, I think I’ve referenced his talk in a dozen conversations since then.

Saul’s talk was loaded with good advice, but the main thing that stuck with me was this: instead of obsessing about the “right” word-of-mouth marketing campaign, you should Try 100 Things. Makes sense, right? It forces you to ideate freely, and any given campaign isn’t super expensive (Saul also has a talk online about creating word-of-mouth campaigns with no budget).

We really took this concept to heart. In fact, on a Thanksgiving flight the following week, Michelle and I brainstormed at least two dozen guerrilla / word-of-mouth marketing concepts that we can implement on the cheap. Of those, I’m confident that a handful will work.

Here’s one that’s working already!

Yesterday, I posted this tongue-in-cheek tweet on the Keen IO Twitter account, then promoted the tweet with $100:

Don’t click this tweet, because it’s promoted, and that would cost us money. Instead, just type this into your browser: Keen.IO

Results to date:

  • $60.09 spent
  • 937 paid clicks (that’s 6.4 cents per click)
  • 20 Retweets (generating an unknown # of unpaid clicks)
  • 10 favorites
  • 10 mentions, mostly complimentary

And at least one person typed in the URL manually!

Photographic evidence:

Kyle Wild is the co-founder & CEO of Keen IO. You should follow him on Twitter here.

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