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For a direct link: Please see keen-cli.

Event data migrations made painless

The Keen Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to load CSV and JSON data into Keen IO.

MixPanel is a popular tool that many of our customers use in conjunction with Keen IO. Transferring your event data into Keen IO makes it queryable, embeddable as a custom visualization, and even lets you expose that data to your end users and customers.

Seeing our platform in action is the strongest and most transparent use case we can make, so we want it to be as easy as possible for you to get data into (and out of) our system. That’s why bulk loading and extraction were core features we built right from the start. Using the Keen-CLI makes migrations of historical data even easier.

Keen CLI is a Ruby-based command line tool that makes data import, query, extraction, and calling for project/collection information easy.


If you have a desire to include a date or time to CSV or JSON events, reference our timestamp data type.

This project is beta software, and we’re excited to hear from the community about how we can shape it into as useful a tool as possible. You can check it out and see the source on GItHub!

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