Keen IO Announces SendGrid Integration

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Today we’re happy to announce Keen IO integration with SendGrid! We’re big fans (and users) of SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure. Just like Keen IO replaces your analytics backend, or Stripe runs your billing, SendGrid does all the heavy lifting for your app’s email. Don’t you love how APIs are making it easier than ever to build apps?


Back to the point. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that email is a huge component of your customer engagement, conversion, and retention plan. You already know that the newsletter you sent last week boosted logins that day. Maybe you’re thinking about sending a note to all the users who’ve made it a certain point in your conversion funnel. You just wrote a new version of the “we’re going to have to start charging you soon” or the “check out what you get if you upgrade” email. Wouldn’t you love to measure the effectiveness of these efforts?

We would! So, we worked with SendGrid to make it easy to pipe all of your SendGrid email events right into your Keen IO project. All you have to do is enable SendGrid event notification and paste in your Keen IO project ID & key. You can find all the integration details in our docs.

SendGrid already provides excellent analytics for your email; this integration takes that to the next level by bringing your email event data alongside the rest of your app’s event data in Keen IO. Now you can measure not only how many people read or clicked on your email links, but how many of them went on to make a purchase in your app. You could, for example, compare the in-app outcomes of email version A and email version B.

We believe all your business events should be in one place, so you can run analytics holistically. SendGrid integration brings us one step closer to achieving that vision.



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