Need a hand with Keen IO? AirPair can help!

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We’re huge fans of pair coding here at Keen IO — if you’re tackling something new, or even if it’s something you’ve done a thousand times before, it’s always useful to have another set of eyes and an extra pair of hands there to help figure things out or think things through in new ways. That’s why we’re so pumped to announce that we’ve partnered with AirPair to give our customers a new way to team up and get more out of their apps through custom analytics.

AirPair is an awesome service that allows you to remotely team up with other developers via video chat and screensharing — any time you need it. As we speak, 2 experts well-versed in Keen IO (Hi, Seb! Hi, Jordan!) are on-standby, just itching to help you out however you need. Need a hand integrating custom analytics into your app? They’ve got you. Want a second opinion on what your data model should look like? No problem. Stuck on data visualizations? They’re there to help.

Interested in giving it a shot? Check out the Keen IO Experts page on AirPair — because, honestly, an extra bit of help can make all the difference in upping your analytics game.

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