Tales of Datadventures Told Beautifully, with Windrush and Keen IO

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We’ve built this thing we call Keen IO, to help humans explore the universe through the lens of data analytics, using these things we call computers. But exploration and discovery is only part of the fun…

It wouldn’t be a true “datadventure” without telling the tale at the end of the journey.

Enter: data visualization.

Of course, Keen IO enables humans to make pretty charts and graphs and maps and stuff, which communicate the answers to the questions they’ve asked of their data. But, we think you should feel free to tell your story however you see best fit — through various mediums and with your own personal twist of style.

Enter: Windrush.

Because community, we met the wonderful people at Windrush — another company that digs data exploration, discovery, and storytelling. Given our common interests, we became fast friends and decided to team up and go on an adventure together.

The trail we traveled took us through the land of cryptocurrency, down blockchain boulevard, and straight into Bitcoin-ville. To show you what we found along the way, we’ve combined our respective technologies: Keen IO for data storage & analysis plus Windrush for visualizing our discoveries.

Take a look and see what we saw. After your itinerary has caught up with ours, let us know what you think. If you’ve traveled these lands before, share with us your experiences in the comments below.

Wanna go on your own datadventure, with Windrush and Keen IO as your sherpas?

Check out our integrations page for step-by-step instructions how.

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