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AppGyver builds amazing products, and they’re a great example of using Keen IO APIs to power multiple parts of their business. For their flagship product, Prototyper, they’re using Keen IO for analytics, debugging customer issues, and even sending alerts to their team.

In the words of Matti Paksula, CTO of AppGyver:

We chose Keen IO because integration is really easy, we know they can scale, and their powerful queries are super simple with the JavaScript SDKand API Workbench. We can send them as much data as we want (which is all of it) and figure out later what we want to know about our data.”

Having recorded every action taken by their users in Keen IO, finding out what a customer has done before contacting support becomes simple.

“We use Keen IO to find out all the actions a single user did before they contacted support. Getting this kind of data would be horrible from database and server logs.”

AppGyver is also combining our API with Zapier to create alerts for their team.

“We use Zapier to make queries against your API and send email alerts if there have been no events of a certain type within a certain time frame. For example, if no one has registered in the last few minutes, we need to make sure everything is okay on our website”

We feel AppGyver does an amazing job of taking advantage of the power and flexibility an analytics API gives. What ideas do you have for using event data? We’d like to know!

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