Top 12 new features and tools you might not know about

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If you’re using Keen, you might have wondered: what’s the easiest way to build a dashboard? Or how can I get the fastest queries? Or how can I set up automatic reports? And maybe you’ve also wondered, where can I go to see all the latest features in one place? Well, wonder no more because here it is!

New API Features

  • Query caching (in private beta) — Get super-fast responses by setting preferences for when to use cached results
  • Custom intervals — Break up query results into any sub-timeframe, such as ‘every_10_minutes’
  • Funnels enhancements — Add actors and optional steps to analyze complex funnels
  • User-agent parsing — If you send Keen IO a user agent string, we can parse it out into browser, device, etc. for you
  • Extraction API enhancements — Use ‘property_names’ param to extract only the relevant properties of your events or ‘content_encoding’ param to compress your CSV extractions for faster download
  • Query Performance Guide — Tips for speeding up query time, extra useful for large data sets

New Query, Viz, and Reporting Tools

  • keen-cli — Quickly run Keen queries, add events, and run maintenance directly from the command line
  • New JavaScript library — More ways to render charts, interact with data, and show query visualizations
  • Dashboard templates for Bootstrap — Super handy when it comes time to make those beautiful dashboards
  • Pushpop — Easy way to make nightly / weekly / monthly email reports and SMS alerts based on Keen queries

New Data Collection and Streaming Tools

  • Streaming to S3 — If you need to analyze your incoming data outside of Keen, we can stream it to an S3 server for you
  • Electric Imp and Tessel Integrations — great ways for Internet of Things (IoT) developers to add analytics to all their projects

We also want to share some happy data from 2014 about our top two priorities: reliability and scalability. Over the past year, we scaled Keen volume by 12X and maintained 99.99% uptime for the year 🙂

Want to stay up-to-date on all our new features and announcements? Join the Keen dev group, and follow us on Twitter. Here’s to a Keenly awesome 2015!

This is the bar where we wrote this list. (Note: we later discovered we’re better at making lists than playing bar trivia.)

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