Exciting news at the Twilio Signal Conference this week! Twilio announced they have partnered with Keen IO to provide out-of-the-box contact center reporting and analytics. Now contact centers can use Keen’s Add-on right out of the box to provide the essential dashboards and metrics needed to run a contact center. The Keen Add-on seamlessly integrates with Twilio TaskRouter to provide immediate visibility into contact center usage.

Keen’s Add-on enables you to:

  • Monitor your contact center with out-of-the-box dashboards and email reporting
  • Explore deeper insights in your data with a point-and-click visual explorer — no code or knowledge of SQL required
  • Connect other data sources, like CSAT or revenue, to customize your reports
  • Share sets of metrics and unified KPIs across every team, project, and department
  • Automate workflows and build extensions on a well-documented API
Contact Center Analytics Dashboard
Explore analyses and drill-down into you contact center data with the Explorer Tool

Interested in learning more? The Add-on includes out-of-the-box standard contact center reports, as well as an exploratory query interface and the ability to drill down into raw task data.

Check out the Keen IO Contact Center Reporting & Analytics Add-on in Twilio’s marketplace: https://www.twilio.com/marketplace/add-ons/keen-io-contact-center-analytics