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Keen IO. Not Not KeenIO. Certainly not Keenio. Keen IO.

Current customers and regular readers probably noticed a different logo and palette on the site recently. If you didn’t, that’s fine. It just means you’ve developed a keen (!) ability to parse the internet for content only. That’s a wicked skill. Perhaps you’d rather read our API docs. For the rest of us mere mortals, I wanted to quickly update you on a few brand notes.

The always insightful and now pleasantly timely Bart Lorang at FullContact blogged a bit about branding this last week. Coincidentally, we are pleased to announce that we’re firming up our identity. After a lengthy process of considering alternatives, being disappointed by the legal realities of trademarks, consuming alcohol, chaos, and trips to American Apparel to evaluate t-shirt colors, we’re elated to be Keen IO with a new logo and palette. Our Designer, Micah, has been hunkered down crafting the new look with skills that are simply beyond my comprehension (there’s something wrong with Times New Roman?).

And, in keeping with all of the hard work, we’re going to OWN Keen IO. So, when you’re chatting about us with your friends at your next drinkup, please mention Keen IO, not Or, sweet flying spaghetti monster, Keenio. We’re Keen IO.

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